Phantom Camera Test: Ballet Slippers
Shot at 1000fps also, this is one move that was only a few seconds long that plays out to just over a minute.

Phantom Camera Test: Blue Cloth 1000fps
This was shot at 1000fps. The dancer isn't actually dancing, but making a 4 second move with the cloth that plays out to about a minute and a half. We did quite a few takes before we got it right.

Phantom: BlueLights
Another test with the Phantom camera shooting two backlit dancers at 500 fps

Flamenco Nuevo Rough Cut Selects
This was part of a larger project I was shooting for a high end audio company of a flamenco performance we produced in Madrid. My hope was to create a doc about flamenco music and dance by following these musicians and dancers (most of whom had never worked together) as they rehearsed their way to the performance. The performances were magical. Unfortunately, we ran out of money after the first rough cut of the doc. We needed one more trip to shoot additional footage but it never happened. I studied flamenco music for three years to get to this point of describing this extraordinary art form. Having said all this, what you'll see here are selects from the first rough cut.

Musically Speaking II
This is a piece I did for a high end audio company for middle school students that's about the language of music. It's shot in HD and recorded…

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